Babies needn't cost the earth.  From re-useable nappies to eco-friendly ways to clothe, feed, soothe and entertain your child, Eco Child provides practical solutions for greener parenting so you can give the best to your baby and the planet.

We've all heard the facts; the world’s climate is changing. We know that humans are responsible for most of the global warming effect. This is a direct result of our “consumption”.  Whilst the health of our planet needs a global response, there are many things we can do to live a “greener” lifestyle to make a difference.

Bringing a new baby into the world is the perfect time to start making changes; when we start to question and rethink what we are putting in, on and around their precious bodies.  There’s nothing like becoming a parent to make you more aware of your responsibilities!

So what can parents do? Cutting back on the industrial chemicals that are so much a part of our modern lives will have a significant positive effect, not only to the health of our planet but that of our babies. There are many studies documenting links between exposure to environmental chemicals with higher rates of learning and behavioural difficulties and intellectual impairments.

This is where it’s important to know what materials and fibres to choose when purchasing product for your baby.  

Here’s our guide to “green” purchasing for your little one:

Clothing: Look for Organic cotton, Hemp, Bamboo and Pure Wool are all eco-fabrics which tread require fewer resources to grow and harvest.  It’s not just the fabrics that count; it’s also important to think about how a garment has been produced. Look for Fairtrade, low-impact dyes, choose companies that are committed to the health of the people who make them and buy local where possible to reduce “clothing miles”.

Cleaning and Laundry: Most cleaning products available in supermarkets are full of ingredients that aren’t good for the environment of our babies. Most contain dangerous chemicals, hormone disrupting phthalates, phosphates and colourings which can heighten the risk of allergies and asthma to name a few associated health issues. There are many effective green cleaning products which will be suitable for the sensitivity of our babies. Think about what you wash their dishes with, launder their clothes and bedding with, spray in the home and use to sanitise and disinfect. Look for products with certified organic, plant-based products which are fragrance free. Also consider how the products are packaged.

Skin Care:  Did you know that an infant’s skin does not develop a barrier to environmental toxins for 2-3 years!? Our babies are very vulnerable to toxins and chemicals than adults. Protect them and choose organic skin care for your baby; make sure it’s certified organic. We recommend having a cleanser, moisturiser and bottom balm as the bare essentials.  See our Buds Organics Range for exceptional quality organic skin care.

Nursery Furniture:  A baby spends more time asleep than awake in the first years of life (we can only hope!) so where they sleep is an especially important consideration. Our picks for a green nursery are biodegradable Moses Baskets, Organic Baby Hammocks and Wooden Furniture from sustainable sources. It also makes green sense to look for multi-functions that extend the cot’s life-span; such as a design that turns in to a toddler bed etc. Consider an Organic Mattress too or make this a priority as regular cot and crib mattresses may be treated with fire retardants that can also affect brain function.

Bedtime (linen, sleeping bags, blankets):  Organic Cotton, bamboo, pure wool and silk are all beautifully natural choices for your babies sleep environment. Look not only for GOTS certification but also the SKAL logo, a sign of ethical textile processing, or the Oko Tex mark, which indicates that processing practices have minimal environmental impact and that products are of high quality.

Natural Soothing:  Try naturally soothing strategies instead of relying on regular pacifiers or electronic gadgets. Avoid pacifiers which contain PVC, latex or phthalates; instead choose one made of pure natural rubber like the Natursutten. Baby hammocks can be soothing for colicky babies and wearing your baby in a baby carrier, wrap or sling is not only another way to soothe and comfort you baby instinctively and gently; it’s also the ultimate in green transportation!

Mealtime: There are many ways you can prioritise being green when choosing products for mealtime; from high chairs to sippy cups. Bibs; choose organic cotton. Bowls and plates; chose BPA free, glass, recycled materials or bamboo wears. Choose safer bottles and drinking cups; glass and stainless steel. High chairs made from sustainable sources which can convert as baby grows reduces the need to buy additional seating solutions in the future. Choose to use re-usable food wraps and eco-friendly lunch boxes to reduce need for packaging and plastics, but also to encourage home-made meals and snacks.

Toys: There are many green options for toys. Natural wooden toys using non-toxic paints are an obvious choice, hand-crafted toys from natural fibres, organic cotton cuddly toys, recycled materials, biodegradable cardboard and sustainable rubber wood are also great choices.  High quality toys may cost more initially; but they will last the distance and be handed down through the family, making it a more economical choice in the long run.

Nappies: Last but not least! Using reusable nappies greatly reduces landfill waste and carbon emissions. The chemical load of conventional disposable nappies often includes chemicals which have been associated with skin irritation and allergic reactions. Reusable nappies are kinder to the environment and your baby’s skin. Invest in cloth nappies, wash them in a water-efficient machine with eco-friendly laundry detergent and hang them out to dry. Then give yourself a pat on the back! We stock a huge range of cloth nappies from flats and pre-fold to ultra-modern All-in-Ones and also stock compostable disposables for mixed green nappy systems.

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Kimberley and the Eco Child Team x