How to Introduce Your Baby to Natural Soothers

We understand that every baby is unique. Some take to a dummy immediately, while others need longer to get comfortable using one. Consider our tips for making your soother introduction more successful.

  • Introduce it gradually: Try to gently offer the dummy and be guided by your baby’s decision. You can try tickling their lips gently with the soother nipple to encourage mouth opening and exploration of the dummy. If your baby opens their mouth, you can try putting it in; however, be sure not to force them to accept the soother.
  • Offer at the ideal time: While it may sound counterintuitive, offer your baby a dummy when they are calm, happy, and have a full tummy. You want to avoid replacing a feeding session with a dummy as this can upset your baby. You can also try introducing a soother at sleep time as some babies find the sucking motion soothing, and it may help them fall asleep.
  • Position the dummy correctly: If your baby accepts the dummy, yet they keep popping it out of their mouth, you may need to adjust the position. Babies have a spot in their mouth where the soft palate meets the hard palate, which, when touched, triggers a sucking reflex.

Tips Regarding Use of Rubber Dummies in Australia

You should trust your instinct for how to best use a dummy, however, be sure also to contemplate these guidelines for the most effective use of a soother:

  • Sterilize dummies to clean them: Be careful not to ‘clean’ the dummy with your mouth as adults’ mouths contain bacteria that can be passed on to a child. Warm or hot water is ideal for cleaning dummies and killing bacteria.
  • Ensure your baby is still gaining weight: If you notice that your breastfeeding baby is not gaining as much weight as expected, the use of a dummy may be impacting their sucking technique. You may want to discontinue use until they have mastered feeding or switch to a round teat that encourages the same mouth motion.
  • Avoid use with ear infections: You should reduce using a dummy if your child gets recurrent ear infections. Using a dummy may enable the bacteria from the mouth to move to the ear canal and reduce draining, resulting in further infections.

You should offer your baby an age-appropriate dummy, so we have a selection of rubber soothers.

How to Care for Rubber Dummies

You can better protect your baby and ensure the dummy remains hygienic with a bit of care.

  • Boil before use: Before using for the first time, place the soother in boiling water for two minutes. Let it cool before offering it to your baby. You should then clean the dummy in boiling water every day.
  • White appearance: You may notice that your dummy takes on a white tinge after sterilizing it. However, it should return to its natural colour within a few days.
  • Replace every five weeks: You will notice the natural rubber pacifier change color and get darker over time. Because it is a natural product, we recommend that you replace or discard the dummy after four to five weeks of use.

Why Trust Eco Child Regarding a Natural Rubber Pacifier?

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