Setting up your newly born baby’s wardrobe is an exciting yet tiring job. Since you are buying clothes for your precious little baby for the first time, you never know which cloth will fit and which won't.

With experience, you learn how to get the right fitting clothes for your baby. Moreover, with a myriad of different clothes available online and in stores, it becomes even more challenging to find the proper clothing for your baby. Choosing clothes for your baby is a whole new experience altogether, which is entirely different from buying dresses for yourself. Therefore, to pick the perfect outfits for your baby child, you need to know the following things beforehand.

  1. Give extra attention to comfort

When shopping for clothes online or in-store for your newborn baby, try to choose modest dresses made of light, breathable and organic fabric. Newborn babies have very sensitive and delicate skin. Therefore, avoid using clothes made of synthetic or rough material.

  1. Don't go overboard with trendy styled outfits

As a new mom, it is natural to get tempted by heavy embellished baby clothes and accessories. Nevertheless, you need to avoid buying fancy dresses that are overly embellished with decorative ribbons bows, frills, lace, and buttons. These embellishments can cause itching in your new born babies. Therefore, try to buy clothes that are soft and are comfortable to wear or remove. Also, remove any tags on the back of the clothes after buying it from the shop.

  1. Choose weather appropriate clothes

Experts advise parents to maintain a comfortable room temperature . If you live in a place where the weather is usually cold, avoid layering your baby with extra layers of warm clothing as it can overheat the baby. For hot summer months, choose breathable and light-colored cotton clothes for your child.

  1. Avoid investing in expensive items

Newborn babies tend to dirty their clothes and diapers multiple times throughout the day. Therefore, avoid spending  your money on expensive items of clothing for your baby. You need to have a good stock of baby outfits in adequate amounts so that you always have a spare pair of clothes ready in case of messy incidents or spillovers.

  1. Choose quality over quantity

Avoid stocking up your child's wardrobe with unnecessary pieces of clothing. Babies tend to grow very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to buy clothes only when your baby has outgrown his old clothes. Try to buy clothes that are slightly bigger than the actual clothing size of your baby. However, avoid buying overly fitted or loose clothing for your newborn baby. Similarly, avoid buying clothes with smaller necks. This also includes t-shirts with shorter necks. Moreover, avoid buying clothes with stiff collars, zippers, or hard buttons.

  1. Buy machine-friendly clothes

During the initial growing years of your child, opt for those clothes that are made of light fabrics and are easy to wash and clean. Newborn babies tend to drool, poop, and make a mess while drinking milk or eating food. Therefore, try to buy clothes made of such fabrics that do not get dull from machine wash.

      7. Invest in baby accessories

It is equally important to purchase other essential baby accessories like rattles,  socks, mittens bibs and hats. It prevents your child’s clothes from getting stained due to unexpected messy incidents. You can also stock a good amount of organic and chemical free baby wipes. Avoid using scented or textured paper wipes. Use baby wipes that are gentle on the skin and do not cause any form of irritation on the skin.

Another great item to purchase for your newborn baby is wearable blankets. As compared to regular sheets, wearable blankets keep babies more warm and toasty. However, if your baby is uncomfortable with wearable blankets, don't force your baby to wear one. Try to buy a blanket with a simple design. Avoid choosing anything too fancy that causes uneasiness or suffocation.

When it comes to buying changing mats for your baby, avoid using cheaper rugs as they tend to irritate the skin. These blankets are handy for changing the diapers of your baby. Many parents tend to use a regular towel or napkin for nappy changing. However, a changing pad is more handy and convenient.

To sum up

Based on the brand of clothing you are buying for your baby, you can choose the size of the clothes accordingly. A one size fits all approach doesn't work while picking baby outfits. You cannot simply pick an outfit according to the age of your baby. You need to determine your baby's clothing size according to the height and weight of your baby