Natracare - Maternity Pads

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Natracare Organic Cotton Sanitary Care - Maternity Pads

Natracare Maternity Pads are made from certified organic cotton and plant cellulose, which is renewable and sustainable, and they're over 95% biodegradable. They're especially designed to be used post birth. 

What's so good about Natracare?

 ✔︎ Chlorine free.
 ✔︎ Plastic free - no polypropylene, no polyethylene.
 ✔︎ No polyacrylate super absorbers
 ✔︎ No perfume
 ✔︎ No synthetics
 ✔︎ No chemical additives like binders or surfactants
 ✔︎ The absorbent core is made from FSC certified wood pulp.

 ✔︎ An organic cotton cover sits next to your skin, and even the wrappers are biodegrdable.

Certified with the Nordic Swan Eco Label.

Pack of 10. 

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