Eco Child and LatitudePay have teamed up to provide interest-free installment payments with no additional fees.

Shop now and pay later!


10 Easy Payments

LatitudePay offers Australian customers the ability to pay in ten equal payments over 10 weeks. All you need is a debit or credit card for instant approval.

Flexible Payment Options

The credit or debit card you provide will be automatically charged on the due dates of your invoice or log in to the customer portal to repay with an alternative method.


 How does LatitudePay work?

  • $1000 limit on purchases
  • Checkout with the :LatitudePay Option on our checkout page
  • Create your account and confirm your purchase with Latitudepay 
  • LatitudePay pay us your behalf 
  • Your order is processed and shipped immediately 
  • You pay back LatitudePay fortnightly via your chosen automatic debit.

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