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Natursutten - Glass Baby Bottle 240ml

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Natursutten 240ml Glass Baby Bottle : ▪ Bottle made in France of borosilicate glass, which is dishwasher-safe and thermal shock-resistant (withstands extreme temperature changes, like boiling or freezing). ▪ Nipple...


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Natursutten 240ml Glass Baby Bottle :

▪ Bottle made in France of borosilicate glass, which is dishwasher-safe and thermal shock-resistant (withstands extreme temperature changes, like boiling or freezing).

▪ Nipple made in Italy of all-natural rubber, which is free of harmful chemicals. Its natural softness creates a feeding-experience that more closely simulates breastfeeding.

▪ 1 Pack comes with 1 X Slow Flow Teats (without packing).

▪  2 Pack  comes with 2 X Slow Flow Teats .

▪ Anti-colic double-valve ensures a more even milkflow, preventing colic and gas.

▪ All parts free of BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, and PVC.

▪ Glass is the safer choice: free of BPA/BPS or other harmful chemicals which can leach from plastic bottles.

The Glass Bottle:

● Made of borosilicate glass, which is: thermal shock-resistant, lightweight, and scratch-resistant (making it more hygienic). All of which is why borosilicate glass is chosen for use in laboratories.

● Ours is made in France, in a factory that has specialized in making pharmaceutical glass for over 50 years.

● Glass is a natural resource that’s the safer option to plastic baby bottles. (Even BPA-free plastic bottles may leach toxic chemicals.)

● Glass can last for generations, whereas plastic bottles ultimately have to be replaced.

● Glass has better thermal properties and will keep the contents warm or cold longer.

● Glass is easier to clean.

● Glass has no unpleasant plastic or metallic taste.

The 100% Natural Rubber (Latex) Nipple:

● Made in Italy alongside the Natursutten pacifier, in a family-run factory that’s been manufacturing rubber baby-products for three generations.

● Rubber/latex nipples are much softer than silicone and more resistant to teething/bites. The softness feels more natural for babies.

● Creates a natural association for babies using Natursutten pacifiers.

● Available in “slow-flow” for infants and “fast-flow” for older babies.

The Anti-Colic Double-Valve:

Ensures a more even milk-flow, preventing colic and gas—and helping feeding go more smoothly. (It really works!)

The Ring, Disk/Seal and Cap:

All are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.


1. Why should I buy a glass bottle over a plastic or metal one?

Glass is the safer choice for baby bottles: Unlike plastic, it can’t leach chemicals into milk or juice (including BPA/BPS). Unlike plastic, it doesn’t scratch—and scratches can harbor bacteria. Glass is also the greener choice: It’s reusable and recyclable—plastic bottles typically end up in landfills when their useful life is over.Finally, with glass there’s no unpleasant plastic or metallic taste.

2. Where are Natursutten bottles and components made?

The all-natural rubber nipples, along with the plastic ring, cap, seal, and anti-colic double-valve, are all made in Italy. Our glass bottles are made in France.

3. How do I wash/sterilize the bottle and its parts before first use?

Boil or run the bottle through the dishwasher initially to sterilize. All parts – except the natural nipples—are dishwasher-safe. (Of course, they can also be handwashed.) Nipples should be sterilized for 5 minutes initially in boiling water.

4. How do I clean it for everyday use?

The glass bottle, cap, ring, seal, and double-valve are all dishwasher-safe—or can be hand-washed. The natural rubber nipple should be hand-washed under cold, running water using a mild liquid soap—not in the dishwasher.

5. Are your products microwave-safe?

Our glass baby bottles and plastic parts are all microwave-safe. The natural rubber nipple is not. So please remove the nipple and plastic cap when microwaving. One note: It’s difficult to heat liquid evenly in a microwave. However, if you do choose to microwave, we recommend shaking the liquid after heating to eliminate any hot spots, then testing the temperature on your wrist.

6. Your new baby bottles say they are “thermal shock-resistant.” What does this mean? ”

Thermal shock-resistant” means the glass is stronger and can withstand extreme temperature-changes (from boiling to freezing) without breaking. Our bottles are made with pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass, which is more expensive, purer, and higher-quality than most glass baby bottles, which are made with soda lime. For mothers who pump and store breast milk, our bottles can go from freezer to refrigerator to hot water, all in one step.

7. What safety certifications do Natursutten baby bottles have?

At Natursutten, we take infant safety very seriously. All Natursutten products go through very thorough testing by ConsumerLab in Denmark. Our bottles and nipples are in compliance with European requirements EN14350 and CPSIA 2008, and 16 CFR 1500 in the U.S.

8. Do Natursutten bottles have a venting system?

Yes, our bottles have an anti-colic “double-valve” designed to ensure a more even milk-flow and prevent colic and gas—making feeding go more smoothly.

9. What kind of nipple is on Natursutten bottles?

Our nipples are made of 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. They are made right alongside our Natursutten pacifiers, in our production facility in Italy.

10.Does Natursutten sell more than one nipple flow?

Our nipples are available in two types: Slow-Flow and Fast-Flow, both sold separately in 2-packs.

11.Your nipples are not marked according to flow. How do I tell them apart?

Flow rate is determined by the size of the opening: Our Slow-Flow nipples have a single hole, and our Fast-Flow nipples have a Y-shaped hole. It’s easy to tell the difference. (And, of course, the packaging is marked differently.)

12.Will other nipples fit this bottle?

Yes, any standard-size nipple will fit on our bottle. However, wide-neck nipples will not fit.

13.Will Natursutten natural rubber nipples fit other baby bottles?

Yes, our natural rubber nipples fit any standard-size baby bottle. They do not, however, fit wide-neck bottles.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Natursutten - Glass Baby Bottle 240ml.

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