WWF - Animal Playing Cards

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This standard deck of 54 playing cards allows you to learn about animals as you play your favourite card games!

Each card features one of 53 endangered species and includes beautiful image and species name. Set covers the arctic (clubs), rainforest/jungle (spades), marine (hearts), and savannah (diamonds).

1. Green Materials: Puzzle made from thick FSC grey board are 20% thicker than other puzzles. They are made with FSC art paper printed with soy inks & packaging from recycled post-consumer waste carton with soy inks.

2. Cause Marketing: Consumers can support WWF by buying toys they love!

The whole WWF range is made using a multi-tiered eco-friendly approach. All the wood and paper materials used for the range, including the packaging, come from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified forests, including the plywood, pine wood, and beechwood.

The toys are packed inside a durable tube, made from recycled card, which has been built to provide safe storage no matter how rough the play is! Materials are further minimised by including the instruction manual and educational content on the tube.

A percentage of the proceeds from every purchase goes to WWF’s conservation work and to date the range has generated over USD500,000 in donations for WWF globally.