Tooshies by TOM - Eco Nappies Toddler - Pack of 27

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From the makers of  TOM Organic come Tooshies by TOM eco nappies.

Made where possible with naturally derived materials, rather than oil based ones. These sustainable disposable nappies are soft and gentle on little bottoms, and better for the environment, too! 

Why are Tooshies by TOM disposables better for your baby?

  • super absorbent

  • slim yet snug for greater freedom of movement

  • comfortable stretchy waistband and tabs for perfect fit

  • elasticated barriers to help protect against leakage

  • refastenable tabs

  • absorbent nappy core is designed to draw moisture away and help prevent nappy rash

  • safe, gentle and non irritating on sensitive baby skin

What's eco about Tooshies by TOM nappies?

  • no perfumes, lotions or latex

  • no phthalates, no parabens

  • elemental chlorine free

  • no optical brighteners

  • wood pulp from sustainably managed forests

  • with natural citrus extract and liquid chlorophyll to block odours

  • plant based PLA inner and outer layers

  • bio-based corn blend in the absorbent layer means less SAPs

Size: 27 nappies per pack

Weight range: under 10 - 16kgs

Also available Tooshies by tom wipes pack of 70!