Lummi Light Sets - Poppins

Bundle Option

Lummi Lights are Fair trade handmade yarn balls that have been hand twisted by home workers to achieve gorgeous decorative balls that, when lit, emit a warm soft light.

A perfect decoration by day that at night provides a completely different look when lit, giving atmospheric lighting to create a magical mood wherever you place them.

Use to decorate your home, kids rooms, nurseries, use for your parties and events.

Your Florabell Lummi Light set comes with the LED light cable you have chosen, with the ball quantity and colours you have chosen.

You get to design the colour layout & assemble to create your own individual Lummi string light.

Lummi Ball Colours -dark pink | pink | candy pink | soft pink | white.

Bulbs – LED Lights
Cable – Clear garland cable with on/off switch
Ball Materials - Polyester Yarn.
Balls Fair Trade Hand made in Thailand.