Looking for Great Wooden Toys Online? Find Adorable, Safe Options in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Elsewhere in Australia

While there’s something nostalgic about wooden toys, this isn’t the only reason they’re particularly popular among parents and kids alike as of late. If you’re looking for wooden toys in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney, there are many great options available to you in plenty of fantastic designs. They’re colourful, whimsical, and a whole lot of fun, and you can find many different types of toys, no matter what type of toy you’re trying to find.

Why Should You Be Looking for Wooden Toys in Australia?

One of the biggest advantages of wood over other materials is that it is free from the harsh chemicals used in the production of other children’s toys. Plastic children’s toys all too often contain harsh chemicals such as BPAs, which are bad enough when they come in contact with the skin, but can be especially harmful when younger children chew on them. Wooden toys are by their very nature all-natural. Additionally, when made with sustainable woods, they are much more environmentally-friendly than other children’s toys, which is especially important for parents who are looking to make more responsible choices.

Of course, these aren’t the only benefits to choosing wooden toys. Parents often find that children prefer wooden toys because of the sensory experience that they provide. They have a much different feel than plastic toys, being slightly heavier and having a different texture. From puzzle sets to toy cars, stacking toys, play instruments, and even teething toys, there are many different wooden toys in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne that you can find for your baby as an alternative to the plastic options you may find in shops or elsewhere online. As more parents become aware of the benefits of wood as a material over other options, more toy options are becoming available in wood as opposed to other materials such as plastic. While you may think of simple toys such as wooden blocks, there are many more items available.

And finally, one of the biggest advantages that many parents find with wooden toys is that of durability. Wood can withstand drops, tumbles, and scrapes without breaking down the way that toys crafted from other materials typically will do, which makes them a perfect often if you are in search of something with a little more resilience. Whether you’re on the hunt for a rough and tumble toy that will last for a few generations, or one that will simply last long enough for your child to outgrow it, wood is a fantastic option that will keep you from having to rebuy the same toy again and again.

Find the Highest Quality Wooden Toys in Australia

If you’re looking for wooden toys in Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide, one of the best resources at your disposal is Eco Child. An Australian-owned family business, Eco Child has been in business for nine years and is committed to providing the widest range of environmentally friendly and natural products to babies, children, and mothers in Australia and worldwide. Be sure to browse our site to find out more about our offering of wooden toys online. Read more about our delivery options to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne or other Australian addresses on our FAQ page.