Natures Child - Breast Pads - Light and Discreet

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Washable breast pads are an essential item for all new mothers to keep your clothing and bedding protected during the natural process of milk leakage that occurs when breast feeding.

There are three sizes of breast pads. This is the LIGHT & DISCREET PACK and will suit you if you have only light leakage. 10cm in diameter - Ideal for all cup sizes

Which size do you need?

1 - Light & Discreet/light leakage 10cm
2 - Regular/Daytime 10cm diameter 3ply
3 - Large/Night 12cm diameter and thicker at 4ply.

If you have a - d cup or below, we recommend the regular breastpads for daytime use and the thicker, larger breast pads for night time use. Light & Discreet is recommended for light leakage.

If you are e cup + then we recommend the night/large breast pads for day and night use.

Simply position them inside a night bra or tank top for a snug fit. Environment and Mother friendly, they are re-useable, washable, super soft and super absorbent. Features 100% Certified Organic Cotton

All women breastfeeding will have some milk leakage. The amount varies for each individual. Some women leak a lot, some a little. Either way, be prepared! This is an essential item for your baby bag.

The financial benefits of washing and reusing breast pads are huge! Which is an added bonus. Disposable breast pads will cost between 8 - 12 dollars per week!

Organic Cotton breast pads can also assist your nipple sensitivity when these supersoft breast pads are heated or cooled before use.