Recycling - Why It's So Important

Recycling - Why It's So Important

According to the latest national waste report, Australia recycles 60% of the waste we produce. Yet the myth remains that quality recycling is being sent to landfill, which has many wondering, “what’s the point in recycling, anyway?”

The good news is there is still a demand for high quality recyclable material in off-shore markets. The bad news? We’re letting good quality recyclables like cardboard, paper and aluminium, go to waste by contaminating them with food, liquid, textiles and soft plastic.

And why don’t we recycle the materials on-shore? We do, where we can. The local market alone is currently too small to support the volume of material.

So what’s the answer? Get good at recycling! Put the right thing in the right bin. Maximise the value of recyclables by sorting more at the source, and reducing the amount of processing that’s required post collection.

Ultimately, learning to recycle correctly will have the most impact in ensuring that nothing goes to waste. A circular economy is the future of waste management. 

We are doing our bit at Eco Child by stocking some awesome products that have been made using recycled materials like the popular Green Toys that are made from 100% recycled plastic milk bottles and displayed in 100% recycled packaging! This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of our Mama Earth. The Sand Play Set and Watering Can are our best sellers!


Eco Child also stock a fantastic product that encourages little ones to create with rubbish! Re-Cycle-Me are sustainable toys made out of garbage. Re-Cycle-Me believes in a world in which children & their parents become more aware of the amount of rubbish we are all producing. A world where children help to reduce this by recycling or re-use! 

Make the cutest creations with toilet paper rolls with our Re-Cycle-Me - Toilet Roll Girls

Get crafty and make the coolest creations from bottles, egg boxes, tins and anything else you collect, turning your garbage into science experiments with our Re-Cycle-Me - Turning Garbage Into Science 


How sustainable is Eco Child? Glad you asked! It's not just our products that get the green tick of approval, but it's also how we operate that's eco-friendly. We use energy efficient technology and appliances, use only re-used packaging materials to send our parcels and make our deliveries carbon neutral.

We hope we can inspire you to re-cycle, re-use and reduce to keep - remember there ain't no Planet B.

Kimberley x

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